PressConference – Peace and Justice Service – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Thursday, November 15

G20-IMF Out Convergence

G20-IMFOut Convergence (Confluencia Fuera G20-FMI) gave a press conference at the Peace and Justice Service headquarters to present the Week ofAction against the G20 and the IMF, as well as to demand an end tothe government’s campaign of intimidation against organizations that form part of the Convergence that objects the legitimacy of the G20 as an instance of coordination of global policies.

Among the organizations present were the No to the G20 Assembly, Dialogue2000, ATTAC (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactionsand for Citizen Action), Argentina Better Without FTAs, Feminist Forum against the G20, Antiextractivism Multisectoral, Coordinatoragainst Police and Institutional Repression(CORREPI), ArgentineWorkers´ Central (CTA-Autónoma), Barrios de Pie, among others and accompanying with her presence and voice, Nora Cortiñas.

Beverly Keene of Diálogo 2000, said that as every year for the G20’s 20 years of existence, there will be expressions of popular resistance,including this year, «demonstrations in the streets in defense of food sovereignty, financial sovereignty, the sovereignty ofindigenous peoples, against extractivism and for jobs and peoples’dignity».

The Global Week of Action against the G20 and the IMF was presented; a Week that will take place from November 25 to December 1, in BuenosAires and different locations throughout Argentina and the world,with mobilizations, artistic expressions, forums and discussions. Aspart of the Week, the Peoples’ Summit will be held on November 28 and 29; a forum where popular organizations will come together to continue to strengthen and build «alternatives of a world of justice, peace and dignity», capable of confronting global policies against life that «seek to expand the looting, militarization, control and subjugation of peoples and the planet.»The Peoples’ Summit will begin with workshops and discussions thatwill take place on Wednesday 28/11 at the University of Buenos Aires ‘Social Sciences Faculty. On Thursday 29/11 it will continue in the Plaza facing the National Congress, concluding with a Festival that will include the presence of bands such as SudorMarica and Arbolito. From 15:30 to 16hs, some Summit participants will accompany the Mothers of May Square-Founder´s Line, during their historic weekly round, as everyThursday for some 40 years now. For Friday 30/11, a mobilization is planned to express popular repudiation of the G20 presence and the policies of austerity and structural adjustment that are designed by the international organizations participating in the G20, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Keene shared: «We are inthe midst of preparations for the March, including its route, as only yesterday did the government begin to provide information about the zones in which it is seeking to exclude all citizen presence.»

NoraCortiñas, Mother of Plaza de Mayo Founders’ Line, questioned as»immoral» the arbitrary repression carried out at the timeof demonstrations against approval of the 2019 Austerity budget inCongress: «Because we are not afraid, they are afraid». Sheadded, «The G20 and the IMF come to tell us what economic policies we should apply as if they were the owners». Inrelation to the defense of sovereignty, she pointed out that»Sometimes when these morons say they defend the Homeland, wehave to know that they are not the ones who will ever defend us.»She concluded inviting everyone to accompany the Mothers of the Plazade Mayo during their weekly Thursday march, as they continue their resistance.

In the round of questions, in response to the interest in knowing if there will be militants «from other countries» and if theywill try to «disrupt the official Summit», reference was made to the International Call to Mobilize that was launched inSeptember (see text here in English: ) and international participation in the Week of Action in Buenos Aireswas confirmed, as well as mobilizations planned in other countries.Furthermore, the Convergence ratified that the activities it isplanning are public, they can be consulted online, and there are noplans to disrupt the official Summit as the government continues to insinuate.

The Argentine Workers’ Central (CTA-Autonomous), ratified that mobilizations are expected in provincial capitals throughout thecountry and that trade union organizations from the region have committed their presence in Buenos Aires. «The mobilizations will be massive.»

Alejandro Bodart, a leader of the Socialist Workers’ Movement, added: «Our message is that we must not be afraid and we must mobilize. We have to demonstrate against everything the G20 represents.» He added «They want to protect themselves from the people but we are the ones who have to protect ourselves from them. The big aggressors are those who are going to be surrounded by thousands of security forcesand can only meet like this because they know that the majority ofthe population in every place they gather repudiates them.»Let’s be many that day so that the world knows that in our country we mobilize and repudiate all that they stand for».

A question was also raised about a note published in Infobae in whichATTAC is criminalized. Luciana Ghiotto, a member of this organization and of Argentina Better without FTAs, questioned the coincidence of the appearance of «bombs» linked to «supposed anarchists»

On the same day as a medium «that has been intimidating those who resist the G20», publishes an article stating that «ATTACis being investigated» for «money laundering», when ATTAC is an international network that is known for fighting against tax havens. «We are accused of something that we ourselves have been denouncing for 20 years.» This is «a policy of intimidation from very powerful sectors that obtained private information, related to our bank account as an association registeredin Argentina; this must be denounced. » Ghiotto concluded categorically: «We are not going to run from the street or from our Peoples’ Summit that will take place in a few days.»

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